Godzilla, Mothra and the Big Red Lobster

Godzilla, Mothra and the Big Red Lobster”

NEWbeach_711June 12, 2013 — My little brother Bob and me used to lay on the living room floor on Saturday night and watch Chiller Theater. Hiding behind our hands and each other, as various monsters wreaked havoc on certain unfortunate locations. These locations were not arbitrary. The “Creature From The Black Lagoon”, would not be terrorizing NYC. Nor, would the “walking tree stump”, LOL in “From Hell It Came”, be stalking Eskimos at the North Pole. No, like us, those folks were products of their environment. Most were the results of atomic testing. Science run amok.

Fast forward many years of neglect and harmful acts of malicious intent by mankind in it’s own backyard. Hurricane Sandy. Is it a kind of “perfect storm” — a once in a lifetime occurrence, to be talked about and referenced like the Kennedy Assassination or Custer’s Last Stand? Or is it gonna invite itself to the party, whenever it wishes to fill our homes with batteries, large boxes of toilet paper and cases of Beef-A-Roni? BEFORE, it washes ours car and the family dog out to sea!

I was listening to my local public radio station recently and tuned in to a discussion regarding the Post Sandy debate on the abandonment or relocation of real estate vs. the rebuilding of properties.  Both political parties were represented. Democrats, in the visage of the liberal, global warming war-mongers and the what-me-worry-you’re-making-a-big-deal-about-nothing Republicans. Scientists were also in attendance, smugly “I-told-you-so-ing”, the legislators from their lofty perch. This time their words carried weight. Problem was they couldn’t safely label current events as an actual pattern. But, plans have to be made and money has to be spent and so this might have to all happen based on sciences’ best guess. Might, finding ourselves up to our chins in seawater be enough proof? Interesting questions regarding the logistics and feasibility of holding back the “Cruel Sea” abound. One thing everyone agreed on was a sobering truth. The country’s economy no longer supports “picking up the tab”, as we’re barely able to manage an already fading infrastructure.

So, hence my newest creation: “Godzilla, Mothra and the Big Red Lobster.

For more info :
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/03/130305145133.htm Click here.



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